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    An extremely lovely and unusual climber. Boomerang-shaped leaves on twining stems carrying strikingly beautifully marked, purple-green inflated flowers. ... Learn More



    The "Calico flower" is a tender evergreen vine with most intriguing flowers and beautiful bright green heart shaped leaves which grow closely together to create a dense mass of foliage. In summer the vine produces quantities of 3 inch greenish-white flowers which have a s-curved tubular shape, flared at the mouth, resembling a 19th century Dutchman's pipe. The inside of the mouth is covered with a purplish-brown pattern reminiscent of calico fabric hence its name. Winged seeds are borne in dry capsules that split like small parachutes. In the wild these plants are important food sources for several species of butterflies. (Syn. A. littoralis. (RHS AWARD winner) ... Learn More



    The quite amazing flowers consist of striking, strong, curved green tubes, with long hairs and interiors that are. These are produced all summer long and are surrounded by most attractive, heart-shaped, silver-veined leaves which festoon this very unusual, drought-resistant, trailing and climbing plant. Native to Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil, it also makes an excellent hanging basket plant! ... Learn More



    This vigorous climber has remarkable, huge flowers which are less smelly than those of Aristolochia grandiflora. It can rapidly cover a wall or fence, and in fact can actually be used as an annual outside. On more mature plants the bark is cork-like and deeply grooved. The beautiful leaves are egg or heart-shaped and densely covered with white hairs on the underside. The outstanding dark red flowers have creamy-pink veins and netting with a bright orange throat, and resemble a Dutchman's pipe and can measure up to 30 cm long and 15 cm wide. They produce a distinctly unusual and rather unpleasant odour to attract pollinating flies. It thrives best in a sunny spot with summer shade and is frost hardy to just below freezing point, or use in a cool conservatory. ... Learn More



    These elegant and unusual climbers bear large, yellow-throated flowers which are intricately marked with reddish-purple and take the form of a "Sherlock Holmes' pipe", and grow from the leaf axils. Once established they are very long-lived. ... Learn More


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