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    Delicate purple flowers with white 'stems' which are the lower part of the flower, arise in compact clumps without any leaves, in the autumn, and can soon naturalise on a rock garden or even in grass. Contrary to its common name, and this is the actual "Autumn Crocus" usually referred to, this beautiful autumn-flowering bulb is not in the slightest related to true crocuses, but is botanically closer to lilies. ... Learn More



    A distinguished variety with large rosy purple, fragrant flowers, each with a white heart and orange anthers, these plants are often misnamed "Autumn Crocus" because of their autumn blooming, when they produce large cup-shaped flowers on naked stems, and much later, foliage which resembles hosta leaves, appearing in the spring. They do best in rich, well-drained soil and partial shade. ... Learn More



    Native to only a few high mountain meadows on the island of Corsica, this plant has both pink and white flowered forms in the wild,often divided equally between the two colours. It is very easy in cultivation with narrow short leaves and miniature mid to deep pink flowers which grow in compact clusters very early on in the autumn. They are equally at home whether in the ground or a container. These seeds were grown in cultivation in the UK. ... Learn More



    Pink to purple, untessellated flowers, each with a tiny white star in the throat are produced in abundance in the autumn along with the narrow, glossy leaves. This attractive dwarf species performs well in a pot but is strong enough to be grown in a choice spot outside. It inhabits much of the central Mediterranean Basin. ... Learn More



    In late summer or autumn, for 2-3 weeks, flowers open pale purple-pink with rounded ends, the petals of each bloom often held parallel to the ground, and they are well suited for the rock garden. These plants are very hardy coming from such cold places as south east Russia through to the Caucasus and Dagestan. ... Learn More



    This variety which blooms in September and October is one of the most popular as they flower when least expected, the large, lilac-pink goblets suddenly appearing just as the season draws to an end, whereas the large, floppy, upright basal leaves appear on their own the following spring. ... Learn More



    Late-blooming, from September to November, this popular flower opens large, very long-stemmed, lilac-pink goblets, suddenly appearing just as the season draws to an end. The large, floppy, upright basal leaves appear on their own the following spring to make more bulbs for future years. ... Learn More



    These seeds come from a large variety of different species and cultivars of which we have insufficient to be worthwhile listing individually. Pot luck, but some interesting plants will be found and may include: Soboliferum, corsicum,cupani, autumnale, and others! ... Learn More



    One of the most lovely of the "autumn crocuses", this one has noticeably long and thing petals. The short-stemmed flowers, which open in early autumn, actually rest on the ground, and are followed by thin, linear leaves. It is found in meadows and rocky slopes in Spain and Portugal from lowland to the lower alpine regions, up to 2600 m. ... Learn More



    Clusters of small, delightful, unusually patterned and deeply-textured pink autumn flowers are produced by this Southern French form. It is larger than dwarf species but much smaller than some others such as C. autumnale, and this beauty grows, flowers and increases well outside with tidy foliage. ... Learn More



    Native to mountainous areas of northern Turkey and other parts of the Caucasus region, this large plant blooms in autumn producing reddish-violet flowers on stems up to twelve inches tall. As with most other varieties, the leaves appear in the spring, before yellowing, withering and dying back as summer progresses. Stronger stemmed, and later than C.autumnale, with taller more richly coloured flowers, it is probably the best of the larger forms, naturalising easily. ... Learn More



    This is the extremely beautiful, rarer, and much earlier-flowering form of Colchicum speciosum, which produces pale, almost white buds with a greenish perianth tube. Mature flowers, which appear in late autumn, long before the leaves, are pale rosy-lilac with white throat. This form from Northern Turkey has narrower leaves and purplish anthers, and although it was once considered a species, it is now included in Colchicum speciosum. ... Learn More


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