For individuals

  • Powerful creation tools for 3D sketching & modelling
  • Integrate images & 3D assets with textures and materials
  • Free LandingPad account with 1GB cloud storage
  • Free personal Collab room - real-time use with 3 other people
  • Invite people to join your room with full creation permissions


For professional team workflows in businesses

  • Full import / export functionality for professional workflows
    • IGES, FBX, GLTF, USDZ file formats
    • Custom training on workflow integration best practices
  • Seamless encrypted cross-team collaboration
    • Expanded organisational storage so you can work effortlessly in teams
    • Unlimited secure collaboration rooms with access control
  • Organisation management
  • Manage users and teams easily

    • Create sub-teams to control data access for different projects
    • Add and remove users from your organisation
    • Manage user-level permissions
  • Secure IP management, licencing, SSO & enhanced security
  • Dedicated customer success team - your success is our success!
    • Bespoke training and workflow sessions
    • Advanced technical support

For educational institutions, we have a program in place to support professors and students learning Gravity Sketch.
To empower your students and enhance creativity in the classroom, visit our Education page to find out more.

LandingPad Collab


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